The military dogs serve the country for long 8-9 years of their whole lifespan. The loyalty of this four-legged companion of the soldiers cannot be questioned. But, what happens once they get retired from their job? Well, most of us don’t have any idea about it.

After the retirement of these brave heroes, they get shifted to old age homes for dogs and there they spent rest of their lives.


The great news for all the pet lovers is that they can adopt these brave heroes. Not only that they are adorable but they are a symbol of pride.

Anita Deshpande, who is an animal lover herself, made an appeal to all the pet lovers through her facebook post.


She wrote, “Calling India to do your bit for our retired K9 soldiers.
#K9Soldier #India

I wonder how many of you are aware of this. Once an army dog gets old ( 8 – 9 yrs) he/ she is given an honourable retirement and shifted to this old home for dogs at RVC centre Meerut where they remain for the rest of their lives. All the dogs here are also available for adoption by dog lovers free of cost. Though they are old ( 8 +) they are highly trained and most of them (at least those who are below 10) are extremely fit and sprightly. They are adopted both by individuals and by units as guard dogs. Some of these dogs have even been awarded a COAS commendation. The application should be addressed to

RVC Centre & College
Meerut Cantt
Meerut – 250001

Thx to Corina Bertille Manuel for bringing to light such an important issue.”


Though it’s not same as adopting any other regular dog, it can be difficult and different, however, these twinkling-eyed highly skilled cuspids won’t let anyone down.

So the one who is planning to go for pet shopping or thinking about adopting one, can surely opt for those adorable creatures and gift them a shelter for rest of their lives.

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