You might have all the money in the world but it still can’t buy you class and character.This following incident will affirm your faith in this.

So in London.. some rich high standard people have retorted to install snake spikes on tree branches to safeguard their expensive cars from being peed on by birds.

Source: Indiatimes

People residing in posh areas of Bristol say that the spikes have been installed solely to protect their cars. In their defense, they also did try other measures to keep the birds at bay – such as hanging a “wooden bird of prey in the branches” but to no avail.

These spikes can easily be bought online and can hurt birds very badly.What is the point in hurting innocent birds to protect some materialistic belongings?




It is pitiful that we are living in a world where people value their money more than anyone’s life and are forcing other creatures to leave what is their natural and only habitat.

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