We as humans have a habit of commenting on others and making remarks on people, but do we realise how does the other person feel when they get to hear such stuff about them? Half of them won’t even turn out to be true.
All of this becomes worse when you’re actually going through this from your very childhood.

While growing up, she was not only bullied but also cornered at school for her complexion. People used to mock at her for not using fair and lovely and what not.

When you go through something as horrible as this, even when the other person judging you isn’t right, you do start thinking about yourself the same way. Don’t you?


This is what happened to her, internalising her anger and starting to hate herself was just the beginning. She even started cornering herself from everybody and was just being in herself.
From being thrown a shoe at herself in the playground, bullied in college, finding new love and somewhere starting to learn about photography to being sexually assaulted by her own professor, here’s her story she told to Humans Of Bombay.

“Growing up, I was bullied because of my dark complexion and ‘foreigner’ looks. My classmates asked me why I wasn’t applying ‘fair and lovely.’ It got worse when a girl threw her shoe at me, in a playground, saying ‘go away, you don’t belong here’… I internalised all the anger. I wore baggy clothes and withdrew in my shell… I hated myself because I could never match the beauty standards of those around me.
It was only when I went to college that things started to change. When my seniors told me to participate in a fun photo shoot — I naively agreed. They asked me to wear a towel, pose and smile. I knew they were ‘ragging’ me… I saw those photos, my perspective changed. I realised that there was nothing wrong with me. I was beautiful…
When I went on to a different university, I took up photography as a hobby. My confidence came through my camera…I began to photograph myself more…In 6 months I lost 20 kgs and I knew that anything I set my heart on, I could achieve. I was a confident new person.

In fact, when the guy I was seeing threatened to leave me saying ‘it’s the way you look, my parents won’t accept you,’ I left him.
…One night, my professor locked me in his room and raped me. I was traumatized. I started feeling ‘dirty’ again. But, I kept reminding myself that the fault wasn’t mine… So, I worked twice as hard to keep my spirit intact and focus on my photography…I dreamt of being the best photographer in India…
Three years later, when I came to Mumbai, I started my own company… It wasn’t easy…I faced rejections and was looked down by my previous bosses, but I stuck it out… and that’s been my biggest lesson.
Today, I have a great business, my own home and a boyfriend who makes me feel beautiful. But that’s only because I FEEL beautiful in my skin…I am the masterpiece I was searching for my entire life and I love every shade, every scar, every colour it displays.”

She is a huge inspiration for all of us, she has taught us no matter what life brings on us, we have to keep moving on until we get a place where we are satisfied and happy to settle. Yes, we will come across such people and incidents that will take us down, but we got to get up and fight. That’s what who we are. We are fighters.

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