One week back, including the whole country, one mother was watching the news of the death sentence of Nirbhaya’s rapists being upheld by the Supreme Court for raping her and inserting rods inside her body, leaving her without intestines. Little did she know her own daughter would be subjected to a similar barbaric ordeal.
“When the accused in the Nirbhaya case were punished, our village spoke about the verdict. We thought at least this will deter men, but unfortunately, even today, girls are not safe and men are not scared,” the mother said.

Police inspect the spot where the body of the rape victim was dumped in Rohtak on Sunday. (PTI photo)

In a case similar to, or even more barbaric than the Nirbhaya rape case a young woman was gang-raped by her jilted lover along with at least six other men.The decomposed and mutilated body of the 23-year-old victim, who went missing from Sonipat on May 9 and was gang-raped and brutally murdered, was found near the Industrial Model Township in Urban Estate, Rohtak, on May 11. Stray dogs had bitten off the face and lower portion of her body.

The two accused, Sumit Kumar from Sonepat and Vikas from Uttar Pradesh, have been arrested so far. Sonepat city station house officer Ajay Kumar said Sumit admitted during questioning to have raped and murdered the woman.“He said they were close once, but not together anymore. He said an argument broke out between them and he committed the crime in anger”.

Here is the timeline of the horrific events, according to the forensic reports:

  • According to the police, Sumit, who was an acquaintance of the victim, had allegedly been pressuring her to marry him. He was putting pressure on her to marry him and used to threaten her.“A week ago, he stopped her when she was returning from work. When she resisted his advances he threatened and abused her. She slapped him and ran home, he said he will come back for revenge which he did.” said the victim’s mother in her statement to the police.
The two accused in rape and murder of Sonepat woman in police custody
source : Indian Express
  • According to the superintendent of police Ashwin Shenvi, the woman was taken by the men – at least one of whom knew her by car from near her home in Sonipat to the nearby city of Rohtak, where they drugged and then raped her. “When she said to them she would complain, they hammered her skull in with bricks,” he said.
  • Disturbing results of Forensic Report as reported by ANI,“The victim was tortured and her body was mutilated after the gang rape. She was killed after being raped by at least seven people. Her skull was smashed in a way which indicates that she was run over by a vehicle in order to hide her identity,” the forensic team has stated.
  • The report also said the victim’s face, tongue, eye, ears was totally distorted, which made the face totally unidentifiable.The bones of the woman’s skull were shattered into pieces and “some sharp-edged objects may have been inserted in her private parts“.
  • Further details are more disturbing which tells that her food pipe was missing and there were biting marks on her chest.
  • Stray dogs had eaten the victim’s face and lower portion of her body which was spotted by a passerby on May 11, police added.

The victim’s parents have alleged that police ignored a complaint lodged against Sumit much before the crime occurred. “We had approached police with a complaint of harassment against the main suspect a month ago, but no action was taken,” a relative of the victim told reporters in Sonepat.

However, police denied the allegations saying the family had only complained verbally after which they also came back to tell the police that both the parties has decided to compromise and there is no need for police action.

“Uska itna bura haal kiya.. aisa kisiki beti ka nai hona chahiye…sarkar kehti hai beti paida karo aur ye darinde aise hatya karne lag rahe hain…(Such brutality should not happen with anyone’s daughter the government promotes girl child birth while these people are so brutally killing them,” the victim’s mother said. Parents are expecting a Nirbhaya like capital punishment for the rapists.“Bring them in front of me…I want to kill them with my own hands..they deserve only death..only and only death,” she told.

The victim was living with her mother and brother and used to work in a private medicine company.The police have claimed that soon they will nab all the accused of the case.

Our View
We don’t know what to say about this horrific incident, we can’t imagine the condition of a family whose dear one has been subjected to such sheer brutality. Once again this crime has proved that we as a society have learned nothing from the Nirbhaya incident. The men are still not ready to take a NO as a NO.The equation of power is still imbalanced and we are just keyboard warriors who will comment and share posts online and will forget everything when it happens in front of us.

(with inputs from PTI/ANI/HT)

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