Ranu Mondal became an internet sensation overnight when a video of her singing went viral. She sang her version of Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma’ on the platforms of a station in West Bengal, and since then she hasn’t looked back.

Her angelic voice has become the talk of the town, be it the netizens, reality shows, singers and music directors.

Ranu Mondal was brutally trolled for her makeover.

As per reports, Ranu was trolled for her overdone make-up at a recent event that went viral on social media.

“I give zero number to the makeup artist….why do you want to change the colour of somebody…..nature is the best makeup artist…you can only spoil it… poor thing…#RanuMandal,” wrote one, even as another offered the same perspective, “I don’t understand why everyone is making fun of #RanuMandal ‘s make up. It’s not like she did it herself or knows anything about it.”

What we’re failing to understand is that are we prioritising the way a certain person looks over their talent. The same people who appreciated her for her melodious voice are now questioning her newfound stardom, her behaviour and looks post her fame.

Others spoke about choosing to speak with kindness. “Everyone making fun of #RanuMandal please remember that one can’t change their looks, but you can certainly choose to speak logically & with kindness whilst judging her. Being in the public eye & under a scanner while she herself is a WIP ain’t easy for an adult. Cut her some slack,” said one.

Many felt that the industry should not go by unrealistic beauty standards. “#RanuMandal Ok so, first of all, u guys really love to troll someone else….cool bcz it will only affect on their mind and yes Bollywood need to understand that natural beauty is the best but don’t troll her she doesn’t deserve it.”

To the keyboard warriors trolling the lady, all we have to say is that you don’t own her or have any right to judge her just because you have helped her in growing as an internet sensation. She is not the laughing stock, all of us trolling her for her looks are.

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