From posting updates of regular happenings to staying updated with regular happenings, Facebook has now become a way of communicating with the mass and a part of our daily lives. It’s just a matter of minutes for a news to get viral in this hi-tech world. But irresponsible use can cost serious damage to the society.

Fake news getting circulated throughout the Facebook is not a very rare news. But at a times it turns out to be dangerous.


Agastmuni town in the Kedar Villa got into a communal flare-up, regarding a fake Facebook post posted by three people, including Mehkar Singh and Santu from Amroha, Uttar Pradesh and Soni Kumar from Haridwar.

The culprits claimed in a Facebook post that a Muslim boy raped a Hindu girl at Agastmuni town in Kedarnath Valley.

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Situations became worst when without any clarification the Right-wing groups took out a procession in the town shouting slogans and destroying some shops. Interference of the police stopped the groups from causing more damage.

No rape has taken place. In fact, someone in a building clicked a picture of a couple in a compromising position, and it was dubbed as a rape incident,” Superintendent of Police (Rudraprayag) said to the Hindustan Times over a phone call.

An FIR was lodged against Mehkar Singh, Santu and Soni Kumar. Also, unfortunately, this is not the only case. Several cases have been filed against 10 people for posting fake news and spreading hatred against a community in the social media.

Social media is a huge platform for the mass to communicate. But people should use it with responsibility. Its wrong usage and spreading or simply sharing a fake news without verifying can cause serious damage to the society as well as the mankind. We have already come across scenarios where people were lynched on the basis of fake Whatsapp forwards, it is our responsibility to verify any such message which looks like provoking in nature, chances are high that it may be a fake news.

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