Christmas brought with it tides of celebrations. We could see celebs and even our friends rejoicing over Christmas in the pics they have shared over Insta and FB.

But here, we’ll talk about how the doctors’ community celebrated Christmas. The story hails from Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College, Uttar Pradesh. Yesterday evening an alumni meet was held at the college campus to celebrate the graduation silver jubilee of 1992 batch doctors. Quite remarkable and valid celebration, though marking successful accomplishment one of the toughest curriculums.

It could have gone unnoticed like many other lavish parties, but two things brought it enough limelight. Firstly, says India Today, Russian Belly dancers, some as bartenders wearing Santa caps and some dancing to jolly numbers amidst cheering doctors were spotted. Secondly, as reported by News 18 cartoons of liquor were brought in by ambulances.

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This has enraged the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the district magistrate and the Chief medical officer had to endure his wrath, who according to India Today was ‘severely reprimanded’.

An angry State director general for medical education and former principal of the college KK Gupta has demanded an explanation at the earliest.

My big question to them is how the administration allowed this in the first place. Nobody, not even the principal, will be spared if found guilty,” he was quoted as saying by News18.

Gupta added, “This never used to happen in our time. Music and dancing were fine, but it was never such a vulgar display.

The college authorities have already ordered an investigation.This is what the Acting principal Vinay Agarwal said to the Times of India “I got to know about it in the evening and I am yet to hear from the organizers. We are yet not clear if ambulances of the institute or some other private hospital were deployed for the purpose”.

Even we’re eager to know what turns up next!

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