A news that shook the nation was the murder of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur. The boy was brutally murdered in Gurgaon’s Ryan International School on September 8 and the case was with the Gurgaon police for 13 days before taken over by the CBI.

Bus conductor, Ashok Kumar (42) was charged and arrested on charges of murder and sexual assault by the Gurgaon police just hours after the incident.


But the story took a new turn after the CBI proved that they had not found any incriminating evidence against him and also that a Class 11 boy had killed the 7-year-old. Yesterday, Ashok walked out of the Gurgaon jail. Ashok Kumar’s defense lawyer, Mohit Verma, said his client was used as a scapegoat in the case to protect the real culprit and also that they would be filing a case against Haryana Police and the school management for torturing and defaming him.

Now it is almost clear that my son Ashok was framed and made a scapegoat. We have decided to file a case against Gurgaon Police SIT officers who framed and used torture and even drugged him to confess before the media that he had committed the crime,” said Ashok’s father Amirchand.

Ashok who is still facing health issues didn’t speak much to the media after he was released, however, his wife has claimed that the local cops used to beat up her husband and also gave him electric shocks in order to confess the crime.

The police asked Ashok to say, he committed the crime and he won’t be in trouble because of that. They told him that the whole nation is distressed due to the case and so he must confess. The police told him it’s a small case and they will cover it accordingly,” Ashok’s sister-in-law told news agency ANI.

“The authorities from the top down are working together and have forcefully made a poor man suffer. Now our lawyer will deal with them,” Ashok’s family said to the media.

Mohit Verma Ashok’s lawyer had earlier told to TOI , “Principal Neerja Batra (now suspended) had called Ashok and asked him to pick up the bleeding child. That is how his shirt got the bloodstains. But cops used that shirt as evidence to frame him.”

Ashok Kumar has undergone immense torture from the police and we hope he gets the due justice.

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