India, the country where all religions are recognized and can peacefully co-exist. Well, at least in theory. Unfortunately, the reality seems much different, thanks to the extremists of every religion!

Muslim doctors should not use the Red Cross emblem or the Rod of Asclepius symbol, as they are more un-Islamic. This controversial statement by an Islamic cleric from Kerala has drawn everyone’s attention.

According to TOI, Abdul Muhsin Aydeed, a Salafi preacher wrote a Facebook post titled as ‘Some Islamic Advise to Doctors’. The article was posted on a Facebook page called ‘AlAswala’. This is not just it. Aydeed also stated that there should be a minimal physical interaction between male doctors and female patient. The ‘male-female mixing’ should not be encouraged in hospitals and consulting rooms.


Aydeed further wrote,”Certain symbols related to idol worship are widely seen in the houses, vehicles, consulting rooms and on the prescription pads of doctors. An example is the cross in red color, which signifies the belief in Trinity by the Christians. Trinity is the worst form of the shirk (polytheism), and is the most detested sin in Islam.”

“The beliefs that destroy Thouheed (monotheism), the cardinal principle in Islam, should be kept at arm’s length. These kinds of wrong beliefs may unknowingly sneak into the belief system of Muslims and they may distance themselves from Islam. A Muslim doctor should keep away from all the signs and slogans that are against Islam,” he also added.


He didn’t just stop there. Instead, he wrote many more pieces of advice and irrelevant rules related to Islam. For example, a woman patient should cover all of her parts which don’t need a medical checkup and should avoid male doctors as much as possible and visit them only if she fails to find a Muslim female doctor.

According to him, the Islamic law states that a male should be alone in a room with a woman.”The presence of the husband or ‘mahrams’ is mandatory while being examined by the male doctor. At least a woman from the family of the patient should be present at the time of examination. If all these are not available, the male doctor should examine the patient after the keeping open door and stand on the other side of a veil,” Aydeed suggested.

Also as per his belief, plastic surgeries are also not allowed in Islam “Undergoing plastic surgery for the beautification of the body or to rejuvenate is not allowed. For example, treatment to set right the shapes of nose, abdomen or ear,” Aydeed said.

Earlier he had strongly encouraged the Muslim community to homeschool their children instead of sending to public school saying that the concept of nationalism is alien to Islam. 

The ridiculous decisions and quotes by the extremists from all the religions make us wonder how hellbent they are to push the world to a stone age.With the emergence of Whatsapp and Facebook these people have found a perfect platform for spreading their ridiculous or inflammatory speeches.

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