SALEM: A 31-year-old woman tried committing suicide after husband died seven months ago after committing the same due to neck deep loans.

Last Friday, Prema, widow of Selvam, had run out of the money she had. Not able to survive without money and with no one to lend her support financially, she wanted to end her life.

She has children, aged five, three and two years, by her side who were hungry and hence approached everybody she knew, be it relatives or neighbours, but all in vain.


That’s when a man passed through her street in Ponnamapet offering to buy hair to make wigs. Without even thinking twice, Prema cut her hair and chopped off her hair and sold it for Rs 150. She then bought food for Rs 100 and went to a shop and asked for a bottle of insecticide. The shopkeeper found it very suspicious and did not plan on selling that bottle to her.

“She then attempted to consume poisonous arali seeds (Nerium oleander). Fortunately, her sister stopped her from consuming it,’’ said G Bala, as per reports, who is a graphic designer and posted Prema’s plight on social media and eventually helped her crowdfund financial support.

Prema and her husband Selvam were daily wage earners of their family employed at a brick kiln. Selvam wanted to set up a small business of his own and borrowed money to the tune of Rs 2.5 lakh. He eventually got cheated and decided to take his life. Shattered by husband’s death, hounded by those who lent money, Prema decided to do the same.
She feels a new woman now. She has started working and has raised money by Bala’s help. She wants a good education for her children and not to forget this was possible because of Bala.


She regained confidence so much so that she asked Bala to remove his Facebook post seeking help for her. “I am so overwhelmed by the support of people. I will never even think of committing suicide again. I want to give a good education to my children and take them out of this penury,’’ she said.

Bala confessed her life story with Prema and that made her realise suicide wasn’t an option. “One day we never had any money left for food. My mother sold all the old newspapers and with Rs 4 she got, bought rice and cooked it for us. Soon after she tried to commit suicide, but relatives saved her,’’ recalled Bala.

“I told Prema that if my mother had died that day she wouldn’t be here now to go around in her son’s car,’’ Bala said.

Bala not only saved Prema’s life but the life of her three kids. It doesn’t take much to be there for people. Maybe you know them or even if you don’t, humanity is something that binds us all and that should be our priority. Be it mine, yours or anybody else’s.

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