No matter how much we have progressed it seems the idea of consent is still alien to India. Thanks to the countless Bollywood movies which have done their part in promoting stalking and chasing, by portraying stalkers as a hero.

22-year-old Hyderabad girl Sandhya Rani had left her home on Thursday after handing Rs 500 to her mom so that she can buy biryani for everyone and together they can celebrate Sandhya’s  brother’s birthday.However, Sandhya never made it back.

Sandhya was returning home on Thursday evening at around 6:30 pm when a man came on a motorcycle and spoke to her for few minutes.Before anyone can understand what happened the accused Vanga Karthik, 25, threw petrol on her and burned her alive.The accused fled the spot on his bike before anyone can catch him.

Soon Sandhya’s cries were echoing in the locality. She ran for some distance shouting for help before falling on the ground.Shocked witnesses even tried to save her but everything happened so fast that they failed.

We attempted to douse the flames with blankets, mud and called for an ambulance. She had run a few feet before falling to the ground. The attacker had fled the scene,” said Shravan, a local youth to TheHindu.

Sandhya suffered 64% burns and succumbed to her burn injuries on Friday at around 6:30 am. According to TheNewsMinute, in her dying declaration, Sandhya clarified that the accused Karthik was harassing her for a year. Earlier both Sandhya and Kartik used to work at the same workshop.

According to workshop’s proprietor, Sandhya had got a job there last year as a computer operator after Karthik referred her.

“He was employed at the workshop more than a year-and-a-half ago. Karthik was sacked for not performing at work,” said V. Jagan Reddy, the proprietor of Lucky Traders, where Rani worked. The accused is currently unemployed and was forcing Sandhya to marry him.

The whole incident has been caught on CCTV.“We have evidence of CCTV footage, the petrol shop from where he bought the petrol,” the North zone DCP Sumathi DCP was quoted by TNM.

After being sacked, he insisted that Sandhya too should quit the job, since he no longer worked there. However, Sandhya never gave attention to him and continued with her job, the DCP added.

The Accused Kartik / Source

The accused has been arrested by the police and has been charged for murder and for outraging the modesty of a woman, and also charged him under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

Sandhya was the real breadwinner of her family and was youngest of her seven siblings. After her father passed away in 2011 Sandhya left her studies to support her family financially. Thursday was the birthday of one of her brother and they wanted to celebrate together, unaware of the fate that awaited her.

Telangana Minister T. Srinivas Yadav announced a two-bedroom house in the State’s housing project and cash as compensation.

We fail to understand why it’s so difficult for people to take a no as a no, why can’t they leave someone alone if s/he is not interested in them? Just look at the pictures and understand the magnitude of the crime! It’s a sick world that we live in.

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