A decision taken by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University got a humongous counteraction by youngsters after they planned to ban the bachelors from the gardens.

Upon receiving complaint reports of ‘immoral’ activities that have been taking place in the gardens, TN University made it mandatory to show the IDs before entering. When faculty and students go there for practical classes they have encountered disturbances from lovers. Upon warning and not getting any results, they were forced to take this action.


Now this rule might prove to be good for the authorities, however the youngsters who planned to visit the garden for knowledge of medical plants for educational purposes find it difficult if in case they forget their IDs.


“Almost 50 percent visitors have reduced since the new rule has been enforced. But, we have been receiving a lot of complaints about the couples crowding the garden which made us take this decision,” Prof.Kannan, Botanical Garden in-charge and horticulture scientist told ANI.

According to the college Botanical Garden is open to people who want to learn about the nature without disturbing and getting disturbed. Also it is not an action against visitors but only to maintain the sanity of the environment.

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