Santa Claus put smiles on the faces of millions of children during Christmas every year. This time Santa Claus has fulfilled a heart-melting wish of a two-year-old-toddler which will be one of the best and unforgettable moments of his life.

The boy, Miles Agnew had microcephaly since birth and has spastic quad cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, intractable epilepsy, brain malformations and feeding intolerance. Miles was adopted by the Agnew family when he was just three months old.

Michelle Agnew with baby Miles (Image: ABC)

Miles was in treatment for months but there were no improvements in his health. Last week his condition got much worse and everyone knew the time has come for them to spend their last moments with miles.

image source: ABC

Since it was the last Christmas for miles, Santa Claus paid him a special visit so that he could sit on his lap for “one last time”.

This visit was not easy for the Santa himself, knowing he can’t offer anything that can help the boy. Santa, Jerry Bodily told to ABC, “Back in the 70s when I met my former wife, she had two daughters, her youngest had been diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and six weeks after we met, she lost her battle, so I knew what the family was going through.”

‘Santa’ with tears in his eye during the visit (Image: Facebook)

“I can’t lie, I got choked up, and there was a tear in Santa’s eye, but this was for this family’s memory,” he further added.

Michelle Agnew, Miles’s mother said, “With the turn in Miles’ health and trying to make more memories as quickly as we can we didn’t think we would be able to do our Santa visit.”

“We are so fortunate for all the good times we’ve shared together and are so grateful for the friends, family and medical community that have supported us. Miles is such a special little boy who is very, very loved in our family,” She also added.

The special visit of Santa was organized by the Secret Sleigh Project. They send Santa to the poor and terminally ill children so that they can have a memorable Christmas. The volunteers of the organization believe that every child deserves to experience Christmas magic, even when homebound due to the difficulty of their care. The Secret Sleigh Project Facebook page posted the image of Miles on Santa’s lap.

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