Saravjeet Singh, the accused of the 2015 Jasleen Kaur case can’t yet remove the tag of a molester and is still fighting for justice since the past three years. In 2015, former St Stephen’s student Jasleen Kaur shared a Facebook post where she accused Saravjeet of verbally harassing her at the Tilak Nagar traffic signal in West Delhi.

The post on the social media went viral and she was applauded for her bravery. The Delhi Police promptly arrested Saravjeet but what nobody saw was Saravjeet’s comment on the same post, reciting his side of the story.


For three years, he had to appear at a police station every time he needed to leave the city. Saravjeet has been asked to leave from multiple jobs due to the involvement in the case and is now working at 30-40 percent earning as compared to his earlier job.

Meanwhile, Jasleen Kaur has not attended even a single hearing in the matter, out of the 12 hearings so far.

Screenshot of Saravjeet’s comment

The reason for her absence given by her parents is that Kaur is studying abroad. They also mentioned that she got admission in JNU, Delhi, but because of the negative comments on the social media, she had to further leave the country and study abroad.
An eyewitness named Vishwajeet Singh came up in support of Saravjeet and vouched for his innocence. He claimed that he was present at the time of the incident and that it was Jasleen, who had first started to abuse and misbehaved with Saravjeet verbally.

The judge has now reportedly told Singh that if Jasleen does not appear in the next hearing scheduled in December, a non-bailable warrant will be issued against her. The former Times Now employee who played a part in Saravjeet’s character assassination wrote him an apology through Facebook messenger after ThePrint‘s story got published.

Jasleen speaks to the media

After the follow-up story by The Print, Jasleen Kaur, who is now based in Canada reached out to ThePrint claiming her innocence. Jasleen told the reporter that she wants to live in peace and doesn’t want to “stretch it further”. Jasleen is currently working for an HR company in Canada.

Jasleen also denied receiving any summons to appear in court in the last three years and accused Sarvjeet of lying. “Since it is a state case, I am just one of the witnesses and have not been summoned for the 13 hearings, as claimed by Sarvjeet and his lawyer. They are lying,” she said.

“I started this fight for a reason and I am not going to shy away from it. I will come and give my statement in the court,” she said.

“My family has gone through a lot over the last three years because of false rumors. My mother and I face hate messages, rape threats, and abuses on social media every day.” Jasleen also claimed in an interview to TheQuint.

However, right in the same article ThePrint has produced a copy of the order, dated 16 May, which shows that Jasleen was summoned.

Defending her absence Jasleen’s uncle also said that she left the country as she was receiving a lot of online abuse and rape threats.

Jasleen’s lawyer Ravinder Ruhil accepted that summons had been issued but said the court could still not “force” Jasleen to give a statement since she is just a witness in the case.

However, later Jasleen’s uncle told that she will definitely give her statement in the case. Her father also claimed that since earlier she was a student and hence was not getting leave, now that she is in a job she will appear in court soon too.

With no witness on Jasleen’s side, we yet don’t know whether she was right. Saravjeet, who has been suffering for the past three years just to lead a normal life has been wanting to prove himself in the court and get rid of the case as soon as possible. Justice will be served and the truth will come out, it always does. If the case against Saravjeet is false, then this is yet another story of a girl victimizing herself. We just hope that the truth comes out soon and the actual culprit gets penalized for their behavior.

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