Racism is not an alien concept and it has been faced by almost everyone.Forget the age-old ongoing White and Black superiority, our country even struggles with the state to state racism prevalent because of language barriers and appearance.

Nevertheless in yet another incident reeking of racism.A man was jeered down by a fellow women passenger.

Emmit Walker, a DC-based music executive, was traveling to celebrate his birthday when he came across a white woman at the airport while waiting in the line for ‘Priority Boarding’ where She told him he is in the wrong spot because she clearly thought he wasn’t supposed to be flying first-class.

Excuse me, I believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru (sic.) This line is for priority boarding,” the woman said. Walker posted the exchange on Facebook, where it has gone viral.

Instead of ignoring the woman for her comment the man then sarcastically took her down and later even went on to post about the incident on his Facebook wall


His post went massively viral and people all over the world lauded him for his epic comeback.

Hope the lady learned her lesson now and now would never try to establish her superiority over others. Racism in any form is not acceptable whether it be on the basis of color, caste, ethnicity or place of origin. The epic comeback reminds us of the incident where Sudha Murthy was called a cattle class at the airport for wearing a saree and standing in the business class queue but later she came back with an epic comeback.

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