In a step towards curbing the menace of pollution in the national capital, today Supreme court reinstated a ban on the sale of crackers in Delhi NCR region ahead of Diwali.This decision by SC will mean a soundless and smoke-free Diwali this year for Delhi and NCR regions.

The ban has been imposed till November 1, while the annual Hindu festival falls on October 19th this year.However, people who have already purchased the crackers can still burst them on Diwali.The step has been taken by the SC as it wanted to assess the impact of the ban on air quality.

Source : wikimedia commons

While delivering the verdict, the bench headed by Justice AK Sikri said its November 2016 order on the same issue would continue to operate.”We should see at least in one Diwali the impact of a cracker-free festivity,” Sikri said while reading out the verdict.

Everything You need to know about the ban

Last year the pollution level in Delhi was reported to be the worst in last 10 years.
Responding to a petition filed by 3 children in 2015, against the pollution level the court on 11 November 2016 had ruled that there would be a complete ban on the sale of crackers within the Delhi NCR region.

Following the ban, cracker manufacturers termed it as a drastic step that would impact livelihoods and challenged it, after which the Supreme Court temporarily lifted the ban on 12 September 2017 saying that a balanced and not a radical approach was needed to solve the problem of pollution in the city.But the children went to the court again asking the ban to be restored. The court today agreed that a ban “should be given a chance”.

The step is getting a mixed reaction from people on social media citing the reason that similar steps need to be taken all over the year and not only during a particular festival.However, this step needs to be seen from ecological viewpoint also, and for ensuring a better future for us and our coming generations this step needs to be welcomed!

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