Not a month since 15 YO Aligarh girl committed suicide after being gangraped by two men of her neighborhood, another 15 YO girl from Mainpuri, UP was brutally thrashed to death and her deadbody was hanged from a tree by four men.

And all this because she ‘resisted’ molestation. The brother of the deceased had run to her rescue and was also beaten by the four. The girl was returning from her school after attending an event organised on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti when she fell prey to the miscreants.

The accused caught by villagers/ Source : The Sun

It was when the passerbys saw her body hanging from a tree with her dupatta that she was wearing to school, that police was informed.

The four culprits are residents of nearby village. Among of the four, Shivam, Mangal and Vikas have been arrested while the fourth one, identified as Ramveer by the victim’s brother is being haunted for. Yet, it’s known that the intentions of the murderers were to ‘send a message’. Further probes into the horrible crime are being made, says Manipuri superintendent of police (SP) Ajay Shankar Rai.

Source : The Sun

We still wonder what message did these men want to convey? That, a girl should always comply with her molesters and rapists or that, it’s not molestation but resisting molestations which is wrong? And most ironically, the mishap took place on Gandhi Jayanti, on the birth anniversary of a man who had believed all his life that India can only be called free when its women can walk freely and fearlessly on its streets at midnight! But, the entire nation is stuck to hollow celebrations even after 70 long years of Independence.

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