India Film Project, since its birth in 2011, has been putting in efforts to build a community of content creators across the varying forms of art. Six years after its inception, IFP extended itself in other forms of art-mainly writing, designing, and storytelling. IFP became international in 2015 and shifted to Mumbai in 2016 with a two-day creation festival inclusive of workshops, conversations, and screenings. IFP community now consists of over 5.5 Lacs content creators including filmmakers, writers, storytellers, designers, musicians, editors, photographers, cinematographers, vloggers and many more.

Script Writing Challenge at IFP 2019

The greatest stories ever told have stayed with the writer for life. When a story is written, the writer never anticipates to what extent it’ll be appreciated by the world. S/he just writes it for the urge couldn’t be held back anymore. And to remind you, the biggest films ever made are based on such scripts.

India Film Project 2019 realizes this and hence has come up with its scriptwriting contest. It awaits your story, your script.


Here are the details of the contest

Theme – Old school Love in the time of Technology

Genres – Drama, Comedy, Time-Travel Theme

Explanation – There is a charm about retaining things from the past, especially how love was so invested and being in a relationship meant being attentive which is slowly being displaced by short attention spans and social media. Registration Fees – Rs. 1000 For International Participants – £12.00, $15.00

The Jury comprises of Apurva Asrani, Bhavani Iyer, and Saiwyn Quadras. If you think you have a story inhabiting your mind since long, this is the best platform you can choose to produce your work on. The top five scripts shall be awarded and will get immense exposure and opportunity thereafter. This is your one time change to work with the leading giants.

If you want your friends to help you write the scripts, let us tell you that Co-authored scripts are allowed but there can only be three authors. You may use different languages for dialogues as well. All the details are present on the official IFP website as well

For registration and further queries please visit the official website.

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