Anand Mahindra celebrates talents. His team works in the direction of finding out talents from the streets of India and helping them explore their potentials to the fullest. His followers are equally prompt to aid in his search. Recently, Anand had spotted a ‘shoe doctor’ who he thought “should be teaching marketing at the Indian Institute of Management” and within two weeks of the tweet, the cobbler was found out.

Now, on July 2, Austin Scaria tweeted the video of a boy wherein he was seen speaking multiple foreign languages. Austin mentioned that the boy sells souvenirs to tourists and tagged Anand Mahindra in the same.

Anand too felt that the boy’s potential needs to be explored and tweeted an appeal for his followers asking them to help him in the search.

The tweet not just gathered likes and was retweeted but Twitterati also identified the boy.

Actually, the video was uploaded on YouTube in 2007 and had taken the internet by storms. But not much of us were active on social media then and hence he’s lesser known.

In 2007, he was selling souvenirs along with his grandmother in hanging gardens and had learned more than 10 foreign languages to impress and attract tourists.

Yesterday, Anand tweeted and informed his followers that the child is all grown up now, married and most importantly, has been traced by his folks. Hopefully, he’ll get a fair chance to prove himself now.

Twitter is all praises for Mr. Mahindra who has also said that they are planning something for Ravi so that he can utilize his potential!

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