We as a society have always tried to redefine the notion of the physical beauty of women, ranging from fair skin tone to slim figure and much more. Body shaming, fat shaming, slut shaming are issues which need to be discussed and called out instead of being ignored. 

TV actor and dancer Shakti Mohan recently took to Facebook to slam body shamers who told her to be more feminine and to confront with society’s beauty standards. When an influential personality like Shakti decides to stand against these it really creates a lot of difference. We appreciate Shakti for speaking up against body shaming and hope that more personalities will stand against such pseudo notion of beauty.


Here is the post that she shared on her wall

“I have been told I sit like a man, I walk like a man, your body looks masculine and voice is heavy not female like. I have been told to be more feminine by well-meaning people.

I wasted many years trying to be who I am not in my effort to fit in.

I don’t know why the world is after making you fit into a category. Be You and stop fulfilling people’s expectations of you to look busty, assy, fair, thin, shy, masked with make up.

You can either live for yourself or for the world.

Use your power to Choose…” (Sic)

More power to you Shakti!


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