In the city whose roads have been graced by maximum numbers of rallies and caravans of ministers has seen the most pathetic faces of poverty, hunger, malnourishment and consequent death of three children named Mansi (8), Shikha (4) and Parul (2) on Tuesday.

The parents are Beena, the 29 YO mother and Mangal Singh, the 32 YO father who’s a rickshaw puller by occupation. The family had shifted from Mandawali to a small room in Talab Chowk after their shanty got damaged in rain.

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The landlord Pradeep Singh says that one of his tenants had introduced the family to him and that, he had let the family stay downstairs free of cost for their financial condition was visibly deteriorated.

On Tuesday, Pradeep came to know that the three kids have fainted and he immediately rushed them to Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital where they were declared ‘brought dead’.

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I live upstairs. When my mother Sudesh and I rushed to Beena’s house, we found the children lying unconscious. With the help of a neighbour, I took them to Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital where the doctor’s pronounced them dead on arrival,” Pradeep Singh said to Hindustan Times.

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The primary autopsy reports are suggestive of prolonged malnutrition, starvation and subsequent complication to have caused the death.

“A second opinion from the medical board, which conducted another autopsy, is still awaited. No police case has been registered so far. The bodies of the children were handed over to the mother today (Wednesday),” the Deputy commissioner of police (east) Pankaj Kumar Singh said to the media portal.

The primary cause of death was definitely starvation; the children might have had infections or diarrhoea but the underlying cause is severe malnutrition. The condition of the organs, according to the post-mortem report, showed that there was prolonged malnutrition,” a senior doctor from the hospital, on condition of anonymity, said.

Beena, while speaking to the Hindustan Times admitted the death of her children but couldn’t specify the reason. Also during police interrogations she was unable to establish the sequence of events. This has raised doubts on her mental stability.

“When we tried to ask her if she had fed the children properly, she did not have any satisfactory reply. She only nodded or said no. We have not been able to get details from her. She is also not aware of the whereabouts of her husband,” a police officer probing the incident said.

Pradeep has also supported her unstable mental condition.Mangal, however is untraceable as of now and finding him out is police’s current priority.

It’s easy on the part of onlookers like us to call it a ‘social accident’ but the fact that a little food could save lives of three innocents can’t be overlooked. We can imagine how painful the last moments must have been for the little ones to endure. We wish their souls to find solace and peace.

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