The family of the Shimla gangrape and murder case’s victim is still inconsolable after around 15 days of the brutal incident.The case has garnered a lot of attention and now the state govt has ordered CBI probe in the case as the locals were not ready to buy the police’s version of the story leading to the creation of riot like situation.

What happened?

The victim, a student of Class X at the Government Senior Secondary School in Mahasu had gone missing on July 4, while she was returning home from school.Her body was found in the forests of Mahasu in the apple-rich Kotkhai area, 56 km from Shimla, on July 6, two days after she went missing.Her naked body was found with injuries all over her face and body and the post-mortem confirmed rape and death by strangulation. Her body was found with broken limbs and bite marks at multiple places with police confirming that at least 6 people were involved in the case.A few liquor bottles were also found on the spot. 

victim’s body was found with broken limbs Source: ibtimes

The girl who was 6th among her 7 siblings ,along with her younger brother studied at the govt school and both used to go together to the school,which was at a distance of 5 km from her house. Unfortunately, on the fateful day her brother stayed back in the school for sports day but she decided to come alone.

Her father broke down while saying, “I had always warned her about wild animals, that she should watch out, especially for bears, on the way, but she would say, ‘Relax, papa… No one can harm me’. I wish I had warned her about men who are worse than beasts”.

Source: TheIndianExpress

The way which the siblings used to take was covered by forests and apple orchards.Police have arrested six people including the owner of an orchard in connection with the case.

Police’s version of the story
According to The Indian Express report, police says that the incident happened on July 4 when the victim was returning from school. At Halaila, 4 km from her home, Raju who was known to her allegedly offered her a lift in a private carriage vehicle. 

Four other accused — Subash Singh Bisht, 42, and Deepu, 38, from Garhwal in Uttarakhand, and Surat Singh, 29, Lokjan, 19, from Nepal — were also in the vehicle, said police. The four are farm labourers who work on apple orchards, along with Raju.Later, they stopped the vehicle and the girl was raped multiple times and then strangulated to death. The brutality was to such an extent that her limbs were broken.

Her mother asks,“Didn’t anyone hear my daughter’s cries? Weren’t people passing through that area? A little after my daughter, several children from the school, even a teacher, passed that way. And nobody saw or heard anything? I am certain my daughter was kidnapped, taken somewhere, drugged, raped and finally, her body was thrown here.

Source : PTI

People are not ready to buy police’s version of the story.People are asking “Why did the accused leave the body next to their house, and why did the migrant laborers stay back in Halaila.”

Even the victim’s father adds, “I want to see each one of the guilty hung to death. But I appeal to the police, please don’t frame innocents.”

Since the incident came to light, protests have been taking place all over the state against the crime. In many cases, students have also been part of the protests. “We have decided to hand over the case to the CBI, in view of the public sentiments and gravity of the crime. The protesters have no reason to agitate anymore. I see politics in this, which I will deal with sternly,” says Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.

While no amount of prayers can compensate for the loss, we pray for the departed soul and hope that the rapists are caught and hanged soon and the justice is served. The case certainly deserves more attention than it got in the mainstream media.

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