Can faith and science coexist? If it’s India, of course, a big yes. The latest example of this can be found in Sai Baba shrine in Ahmednagar. Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust (SSST) is planning to generate power from foot energy of the devotees visiting the temple.

The Shirdi Trust has made many announcements for Shirdi Baba’s Samadhi centenary festival next year. Trust’s chairman Suresh Haware said to PTI,”As many as 50,000 people devotees visit Shirdi daily. We will install energy pedals, which get pressed when devotees walk on them, then revert to their original positions. Walking energy will be converted into electricity, which will be used to power the temple’s bulbs and fans“.


Not just it, SSST is also working on several projects of noble cause including starting an IAS training academy for the tribal and underprivileged children, setting up a cancer hospital, energy generation through solid waste and holding of daily blood donation camps as part of the ‘Samadhi Shatabdi Mahotsav’ which is going to be held between October 1st to 18th next year 2018. Also, the trust is planning to help women and students from families of farmers who committed suicide.

Suresh Haware also said,”Women in the families of farmers who have committed suicide will be given sewing machines (and help will be extended to them for) setting up fruits and vegetable stalls and means for sustained livelihood will be provided. Besides, children from such families will be given support in their education.


The management is also going to spend 125 crore on a 100 bed cancer hospital in collaboration with Tata Trust.

If these projects are made a reality and are executed properly this will really set an example for other temple trusts that donations and charities if used for noble causes instead of pleasing the almighty, will be the real service to the mankind.

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