On behalf of Save Indian Family Foundation, 150 men from all across the nation gathered in Varanasi to take a holy dip in River Ganga to purify themselves from the negativity and toxicity of their ex-wives. The rituals didn’t end here and rather continued to bizarre practices like performing ‘Shraadh’ for the wives who are very much alive and healthy and ‘Pisachini Mukti Puja’, worship to get freedom from demons. As reported by News 18, the rituals were performed to celebrate 10th year of SIFF.

Source : News18

Upon being asked, Rajesh Vakharia, the founding member of the organisation says that Indian laws are biased and that the men fall convict to harassment cases filed by women who have merely ego issues. He says, “There is an Animal Welfare Ministry, but there’s no ministry for the protection of Indian men. Should men be treated worse than animals?”.

Amit Deshpande, a men’s rights activists says that the men have been tortured by their wives for years and their mental peace is destroyed. But the respectively responsible women, however are roaming free. Hence, the men conducted the puja to get themselves rid of the horrible past experiences as well as ‘symbolically’ punish the guilty wives.

Source : News18

SIFF currently has 200 centres across the country with 4000 volunteers. The NGO came into existence in 2007 with a motto of fighting against misuse of section 498A, the law which essentially protects women from harassments by husband and in-laws but it’s often used by some women to trap innocent men. The organisation too opposes criminalization of marital rape for it thinks that if it’s so done, relationships won’t work anymore.

We are quite aware of criminal statistics of India and know in what figures false cases of dowry and rape are filed every year. We don’t at all support victimization of innocent men. That the laws should be amended is the demand of the hour but the numbers of preys of marital rape are high enough to unsee. Further, we believe that the protest and rage could be staged in a much graceful way than something as mindless as ‘Shraadh’ of alive people or ‘Pisachini Mukti Puja’.

It looks more like a national level organisation stepping down its standards and promoting blind beliefs and occult practices.
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