It’s pointless to describe with what fear a girl has to live with, in this country called ‘India’ which got independence way back in 1947 but is still in grip of social evils like ‘rape’. We girls have been protesting and condemning such crimes against us but no matter how progressive we become, when a ‘man’ puts himself in our shoes and gives words to our hidden feelings, it never fails to astonish us!

Daaniyal has come up with his slam poetry “Shukr” where he beautifully describes the girl’s insecurity and also the guy’s guilt.When a girl walks down a dark lonely street and suddenly sees a ‘man’, she doesn’t let out a sigh of relief. Rather skips a beat thinking what if this very man turns out to be her rapist? She might be killed brutally. But even after her death, those news, debates and candle marches would continue to haunt her devastated family who, by then would have been bankrupt of their ‘prestige’. Isn’t that the harsh reality we are living with?? Why can’t we be proactive instead of being reactive that too for a few days and doing armchair activism?

The poet here describes how ashamed a man feels when he is assumed to be a potential rapist and visualizes fear for him in a random girl’s eyes. He says, he wants to change this ‘truth’, for only then a healthy society can be born.
Here is the link to watch his poetry on Youtube, uploaded by Spill poetry. Let us know if you too uttered ‘shukr hai, aisi soch bhi hai!“, after hearing this or not !

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