“Behave as a girl!”
“Be a man!”
That’s what most of us got to hear as we grew up. To teach ‘how-to-be-a-human’, was never the part of upbringing.
Girls and boys were thus, taught to stick to their dimensions and they accustomed themselves to the vigorous trials to fit into the pre-set standards, without daring to question its legitimacy ever.

As we always kept associating ‘discrimination’ to girls, this poetry by Simar Singh acts as an eye opener. It talks what all a boy has to go through, how it is no less than that of girls and most importantly, how for the sake of ‘mardaangi’, he is even denied the right to cry or complain about.

He gets hurt. He cries. He is not always able to take up any responsibility thrown at him. He needs care, affection and longs to be pampered. But sadly, is afraid to ask for it, since our society who assumes ‘boys are made of metals’, would laugh to know he has a heart too !

The poetry talks about much essential aspects of gender equality and shows a new face of feminism. As a man, feel free to act away your human instincts without forethoughts.

As a woman, respect him, adore him.

Shared by “Unerase Poetry” recited by Simar Singh here is the poem which talks about “How to be a man”

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