First Kathua, then Mandsaur and now in Siwan, Bihar. Every time a girl child fell prey to the sexual bizarreness of human-faced monsters dwelling among us, political forums and media houses fueled the issue up and painted it with every possible color. Let alone Justice to victims, we can’t see a full stop to the ongoing scenario.

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On Saturday midnight, a half-buried dead body of a 4 YO girl was discovered by Barhariya police from a maize field in the outskirts of a village in Siwan district of Bihar,TOI reported. The girl was strangulated to death and her underpants were found stuffed in her mouth.

The girl had gone to attend a marriage function in one of the houses of her locality when she was spotted by daily wager Ziauddin, 20. Ziauddin lured her, took her to the maize field, stuffing her underpants in her mouth to suppress her screams for help he raped her mercilessly and finally strangulated her to death with his hands. Upon being interrogated by police, later on, Ziauddin himself guided the cops to the spot where he had buried her dead body.

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The incident took place around 10-11 pm in the night. The girl didn’t return home till late at night and this bothered her mother. The neighbors informed the worried family that they had last seen the girl with Ziauddin who was erecting a tent in the function.

Siwan SP Naveen Chandra Jha says that the accused has been arrested and has confessed his crime. A forensic team is yet to match slipper marks imprinted on loose soil of the field with that of the culprit’s. The soil samples in nails of the rapist and blood stains found on his clothes are to be examined as well.

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The girl’s father works in the middle East. What even if Ziauddin is sentenced to death or even hanged to death as per the amended POCSO act? Will it revive an innocent life that was yet to bloom or will it fill the emptiness in the lives of those bereaved parents?

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