Her Instagram profile lists her as Miss Delhi, a fashion designer, social activist, and a professional poker player. But, Reality and the Internet are two distant worlds. The fact that not always does the apparent truth of social media convert into reality was once again proved in the recent snatching incident in Delhi where a 26-year old social media influencer named Amrita Sethi with over 80,000 followers on Instagram was arrested along with her friend Akshit Jhamb. Akshit is a resident of Tilak Nagar and Sethi belongs to Rajouri Garden.

Instagram influencer Amrita Sethi: source

The south district policemen tracked them down from Goa after they emerged as suspects in a sensational case of snatching of foreign currency reported from Hauz Khas on November 5,” DCP (south) Atul Thakur claimed.

The Delhi Police said a complaint was lodged at Hauz Khas police station by a man named Manoj Sood on November 5, who stated that he was instructed by his boss to exchange USD 3,300 to the Indian currency.  Sood talked to the client as usual on the given mobile number and was asked to reach near Panchsheel Club in south Delhi. Sood reached there and found a boy and a girl seated in a car.


“They asked him to sit inside the car and moved towards an ATM to withdraw money. They claimed there was some issue with the withdrawal and said they were arranging the money. Meanwhile, they asked the complainant to hand over the dollars,” DCP Thakur told The Times of India. The complainant refused to give them the dollars prior to receiving the amount in Indian rupees and got out of the car. All of a sudden, the accused snatched the bag containing the dollars and zoomed away in their car.

Following that, a case was registered under sections 356 (Assault or criminal force in an attempt to commit theft of property carried by a person), 379 (Punishment for theft), and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code.

File picture of Delhi Police: source

After registering the case, two teams were formed under inspectors Akshay and PK Jha to catch the culprits. The police team collected CCTV footage from near the place of the incident and thoroughly analyzed it to get clues. The exercise led to the identification of the cars used by the snatcher duo. The CCTV footage revealed the registration number of the vehicle drove by the accused. The Delhi police traced the car to a man named Ravinder Nath Rakheja. Rakheja revealed to the police that his son Kushal and his friends Akshit and Amrita had borrowed the car. The son was found missing. The cops used technical surveillance and tracked him to Goa. DCP Atul Kumar Thakur then requested Goa Police officer Shobhit Saxena to assist in catching them.

A posh casino in Goa: Representative image

Sethi and Akshit were tracked down to a five-star hotel in north Goa. The car owner’s son, police said, was not involved in the crime. The accused said they had blown up the stolen money in Goa and also in playing Poker in casinos. The Goa Police assisted their Delhi counterparts and the accused were arrested on Wednesday. The Delhi Police said that the accused were produced in a Goa Court and a three-day transit remand was obtained. They are being brought to Delhi and will reach on Friday.

The duo is from a well to do family, and clearly were not facing survival issues that led them to commit the crime. Why resort to such acts of crime then is the question. The answer perhaps lies in the social media accounts of the duo. As humans, we seek validation. We live in an era where people are actively seeking some sort of validation through social media. When one posts a selfie, they want some sort of flattering comments or a certain amount of likes. A luxurious lifestyle on Instagram is the reason why thousands follow an account. But it is tough to maintain a lavish lifestyle on Instagram and always come across as if life is a party – without the constant inflow of money. Perhaps recently, the duo had faced a shortage of cash to keep up with their extravagant lifestyle but the need for social media validation led them to take such steps. This incident is bound to teach the duo an important lesson of living their own truth – however so it may be. 


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