Life has taught us to value money a lot. But never know, when and how, we have got rid of humanitarian and moral values meanwhile. It’s the story of Lalitha Devi, a woman from Madhepura in Bihar.

Some complications were found in her pregnancy for which she was admitted to Maa Shheetla Nursing home in Patna on 14 November after the doctors of her native land gave in. However, she gave birth to a stillborn baby as all medical treatment went into vain.

Doctors at the nursing home could not save Lalitha’s baby which was stillborn. The tragedy began when the hospital authority started asking for RS. 30,000. The woman’s husband, Nirdhan Ram had already paid RS. 25,000 and arranging such big money in a small while became tough on his part. Ridiculously, the hospital denied discharging Lalitha till the bills are settled.


“The agent had asked me to deposit Rs 25,000 and assured us that it was enough for the entire treatment. I did as told. Despite that, the doctors could not save my child. Then they demanded Rs, 30,000 more from us,” Nirdhan told to News18.

Unable to find any other way, a helpless Nirdhan Ram, and his elder son, Kundan started begging people of their village for help. That’s when MP Pappu Yadav noticed them and came to their rescue. With lawyers and police by his side, Pappu managed to set Lalitha free. And also accused state government of allowing private nursing homes to perform operations without a license.


Civil surgeon, Dr. Pramod Jha has assured every cooperation during the investigation and says the hospital if found guilty, must be projected to the legal actions.This incident makes us question the existence of humanity, no one deserves such treatment. You can’t detain a woman who has already lost her newborn just for some amount of money about which you haven’t informed the family before. Even if you want to charge the money there are legal ways for that. A son was forced to beg for releasing her mother who had already lost her baby! Nothing can be more shameful than this.


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