The hour a 16-year-old was expected to probably write about body health, she was being sexually exploited in a brutal manner by a man. The school principal in Sonipat allegedly raped a class 10 student on the cover of helping her to pass her physical education exam to be written by a dummy student on Tuesday.

Manjeet Lathar is the owner and principal of a school built on the outskirts of Gohana, Sonipat. Being concerned about the educational condition of his daughter, the father of the student entered into a pact the principal where he agreed to pay Rs. 10,000 to the principal and return he shall be placing a dummy student to write her exam.


On March 8, the principal called me and my daughter to a school on the outskirts of Gohana. The principal then asked me to leave my daughter at his relative’s place. He said another girl would write my daughter’s exam,” said the victim’s father to the police, reported by the Times of India.

When the father picked the girl from the women’s house after the exam, she narrated her misery and said that she was being raped by the accused. A complaint has been registered against the principal and the two women to whom the house belongs under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

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A team of counselors has also been set up to get the girl out of the incident which would surely not be an easy task. All the accused have been arrested on Thursday, as the SHO Sethi Malik (Gohana Sadar police station) said, reported the Hindustan Times.


Such cases leave the skin numb and blood hot of every Indian. The torchbearers of our society, the ones who are expected to enlighten the future of our kids are becoming the reason of their darkness. And what shaken our souls is the question that how can women be a part of it? How can the women become an enemy of their own kind?

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