A bizarre incident came to notice on Wednesday, May 23, as police discovered the body of a 70-year-old woman from Kabir Nagar area of Varanasi, who died five months back in January. Her four sons and daughter were preserving her body in order to redeem her pension using her thumbprint.

The dead woman recognised as Amaravati Devi was getting Rs 13,000 as pension after her husband’s death a few years back.


Police came to know about the incident from an anonymous caller. , “A resident of the area informed the police on Dial 100 that Amaravati Devi had reportedly died on January 13 this year but her family concealed her death from relatives and neighbours”, Bhelupur’s circle officer, AP Singh was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Among the five sons and a daughter; Ravi Prakash, Lalle Prakash, Tinu, Girish, Jyoti and Vijay Laxmi, of the woman, Jyoti used to live separately. Out of her four sons and a daughter who was living with her, two of her sons were employed and two of her sons were unemployed.

Amaravati fell ill in the month of January and was admitted to Sir Sundarlal Hospital at the Benaras Hindu University. However, her condition did not improve and her sons brought her back home. She died on January 13 at her own place. Her sons announced her death initially but then decided against disclosing the fact in front of their neighbours and said that they had observed movement in her hands and she was in a coma.

One of her sons Ravi Prakash tried to convince the police saying that their mother was in a coma and they used to bring her milk and medicines daily.

They had used chemicals to preserve the deceased’s body, which are not easily available in the market.

Police sent the body for post-mortem. “We are waiting for the autopsy report after which a case will be registered under relevant sections,” said circle officer AP Singh. The incident shows to what extent people can go for the greed of money, they don’t even care about treating their parents with dignity even after death.

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