It’s not a far day when the phrase ‘man-made machines’ turn around to ‘machine-made men’ as to what our academic institutions are manufacturing every year. it is high time that we start teaching students what it is to live in today’s world rather than making them study how our ancestors lived. And it is the direction in which efforts are being made by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation by introducing a bagless day one a week in SDMC schools.

An effort is being made in order to push students out of the classrooms and indulges them in sports, quizzes and intellectual based puzzles. This would improve their health practices and also enhance their logical reasoning.


“Under the smart learning programme, we have introduced the concept of a bagless day when students will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. This is an attempt to provide a different module of learning for better performance,” said the SDMC Mayor Kamaljeet Sehrawat to the Times of India.

581 schools contributing 3 lacs students are being aimed at this program belonging to south Delhi and some of the sources reveal that east and north Delhi schools are also planning to commence a new journey of a bagless day. The curriculum for the day is not yet been decided exactly but they are aiming to gather maximum students in playgrounds, away from books and classrooms.


Education system today is falling in the path of memory games, distracted from the aim of beholding knowledge. In the race of Passing examinations and gaining marks and degrees, students have left the interests behind learning far behind. It is high time for our system and the students to dig their minds off the books and enter into the world where books and reality coincide, as what we aim is a smarter society with some practical knowledge.

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