Often we forget that planet earth is not only for us, humans and their jungle of concrete. There are several other animals who have their shares too.Plastic, known as of one of the most poisonous non-biodegradable invention of mankind turned out to be the reason for the death of another innocent creature.

A young male sperm whale measured ten meters in length was found dead in late February on a beach in Cabo de Palos, Murcia in Southern Spain.


El Valle Wildlife Centre took over the matter. An autopsy report by them revealed that the mammal ingested 64 pounds of plastic that resulted in a gastric shock to its stomach and intestine.

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Including plastic bags, pieces of nets and ropes, raffia sacking, even also a plastic drum came out of its stomach. Being unable to either digest or expel the trash, the whale perished.


The shocking news elicited the regional government to team up against ocean waste. “The presence of plastics in seas and oceans is one of the biggest threats to the conservation of wildlife in the world…Many animals get trapped in the rubbish or ingest great quantities of plastics, which end up causing their death,” said Counselo Rosauro, Murcia’s regional government’s environment minister while announcing the new campaign.


The new campaign involves an awareness drive designed to encourage citizens to dispose of rubbish responsibly, new research programmes designed to monitor the extent of public waste off the coast. Volunteers will also be asked to participate in the clean-up operation.

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