Remember how you got introduced to stories? Most of us were introduced to story through storytelling. It used to be a bedtime ritual back in childhood to be told a story by someone. Then, it always used to feel better than reading a story ourselves. It still does. And you know what, it’s you who can narrate your story in the best possible way!
If you have a story of your own that you want to just go around telling and believe that people must hear it, then you’re at the right place!

India Film Project has introduced storytelling contest for artists like you! Paying utmost respect to traditional storytellers who used to roam from village to towns of medieval India telling people stories of various cultures and places, let’s revive this tradition again!

Offering to write around a peculiar theme, ‘not-so-super hero’ IFP is all set to stir up your creativity. The top ten contestants are going to perform live in their event and gonna be streamed over a lot of online platforms. When it comes to ‘victory comes after learning’, your spoken piece will get to be judged by biggies like Yahya Bootwala, Amandeep Singh and Jidnya Sujata.

Here are the details of the contest

Theme – Not-so-Super Hero
Theme Description – Heroes exist in real life, not just on the big screen. They are not larger-than-life. It is their simplicity, strong morals, ability to look at a greater good and stand up for what they believe in that make them heroes in real life. These heroes could be anyone – someone you know closely or even have heard of remotely, who did something that made them a hero in your eyes. Tell us your story about such a hero, who is not “super” but is nonetheless a hero by their deeds.

Registration Fees – Rs. 500
For International Participants – £6.00, $8.00

Participation e-certificates will be provided to every participant
Last Date for Submission – September 15, 2019

So why wait? Click HERE and take your call to be a known voice in the growing domain of oration artists!

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