Agriculture stands to be one of the strongest support in India’s economy and with it in 2016 India stood on the position to export tomatoes worth $76.1 million (0.9% of the total export) and today the situations are getting worse in all the fields.

A farmer in Budhni town of Madhya Pradesh was forced to throw away 100 crates of tomatoes after he received only Rs. 680 amounted to his net sales from the vegetable merchant.


Pappu received 40 Rs for each crate totaling to 4000 Rs, out of which 3320 was deducted on account of labor, Motor rent and merchant cash – 2500, 500 and 320 respectively.

Though he is not the only farmer, indeed he is one of those who are facing the problem severely despite reaching to State Government which all went in vain.
In another case of a farmer Brijesh Kumar (45) from Amon Village also claimed that he was forced to throw away his stock of tomatoes after getting low returns. Also, the pressure from the lender gets so high, leaving them with the option of suicide.

Pappu said that to assist his father in the fields he had to leave his studies after 12th grade and his hard work on four acres of land had resulted in optimum yield but such low returns and the fact that the place doesn’t have any cold storage leading to destruction of perishable goods is making the situation just worse.

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