It is shocking to ask that in what terms are we, with the nation. Its a question whether our loudness justifies our love for the country or actions or emotions we show?

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Four students of a government senior secondary school belonging to Sikar District in Jaipur were made to squat by the principal for an hour and then were thrashed apparently for singing nation anthem ‘softly’ during Thursday morning assembly.


The girls were of 9th Standard, they fainted and some suffered swelling in their legs. They had to be hospitalized for the recovery and by the time their parents had gathered at the compound of the school protesting against the awful treatment did by the teacher.

When asked if any FIR was lodged in this connection, a senior officer said, “The matter also came to our notice but neither the parents nor the girls were willing to lodge a complaint.”

Is it the fault of the parents or is the society that is still stopping a lot of people from complaining about the crime?

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