Sometimes, there are incidents which prove that if you want to help someone, your age, social or financial conditions doesn’t matter.

One such heart-warming story of humanity and compassion has emerged from Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan, where a group of class-2 students came together to pool their pocket money to buy a wheelchair for a differently-abled girl whom they had met at their school function.

source : hindustan times

According to a story by Ht, 10-year-old hearing and speech impaired Usha, daughter of an agricultural laborer, had visited a function held at Stepping Stone English Modern School in Sri Ganganagar. Usha studies in a government school and was accompanied by an acquaintance.

How it started?
When Khyati, a class 2 student noticed a physically challenged woman riding a scooter with a side wheel she was reminded of Usha. Out of curiosity, she asked her grandfather, “A girl visited our school, and she was walking with great difficulty. Why can’t she have something like this scooter?”

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To which her grandfather explained her about the socio-economic divisions in the society and how everyone can’t afford such facilities. However, he had a suggestion for Khyati. “Even you have a lot of money in your piggy bank,” he told. “Why don’t you buy her a wheelchair?”

Khyati agreed immediately and proposed the idea to her 25-30 classmates and asked if they would like to contribute to the noble cause. The kids then pooled in a sum between Rs 100 and Rs 1,000 each, and soon enough, there was enough money to buy the wheelchair for Usha.

Usha, the 10-year-old, whose father is an agricultural laborer, studies at a government college and is also deaf and mute.

The school administrator also appreciated the gesture of the kids. Vikas Sharma, the director of the school said,“We were happy to see the kids pooling their pocket money for a noble cause. So we made a small contribution too.”

source: ht

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