In the recent times, a spike has been noticed in the number of crimes reported against the animals which make us wonder how shameless have humans become that after ruining the natural habitats of animals we are now going after them and killing them brutally.

Yet another powerful picture that has surfaced online shows the last male northern white rhinoceros named Sudan sitting with a flat face as if he knows about his future. The picture perfectly shows how extinction looks like and how it feels to be the last of your kind.The powerful pic was tweeted by the biologist and environment activist Daniel Schneider Since Tuesday, the tweet has attracted nearly 43,000 retweets and the netizens are now having a heated discussion on the thread.

According to a Telegraph report, Sudan is the only surviving male of the species and lives with the last two females on a wildlife conservancy in Kenya.The scientists are trying their best to develop IVF techniques that might keep their lineage alive.


Daniel has used this pic for the purpose of drawing the attention of the people so that more money can be raised for research into using Assisted Reproductive Techniques to save the species.

Sudan is now 44 years old and hence unable to breed with the female rhinos of its species. Its ivory horn was removed to stop poachers from hunting it down.

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