It’s unnecessary to talk how crazily Indian youth runs after Western world. They love everything about it. What they wear, what they eat, what they talk and even how they talk. If someone speaks fluent English with an attitude, we assume him to be an intellectual.

That’s exactly where, just like the previous stories (Story 1  & Story 2 )we shared with you, comes this incident from Infosys Foundation chairperson and philanthropist Sudha Murty’s life as a mirror for thoughts.

While addressing a knowledgeable gathering at the US, Mrs. Murty was once asked if it was her education in some ‘Western’ university that she owned such immense confidence and marvelous speaking skills? And just like every other time she stunned the audience with a Gorgeous reply.
“It comes from my BVB”, to quote her rightly.
Basappa Veerappa Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology located in a not-so-huge city of India named Hubli.


Her college life, unlike us, was no fun. With struggles to take up every now and then, convincing family to college Principal challenges put forward by the 149 other male classmates at her, the only lady student of the class, Mrs Murthy excelled during her graduation. Yet, she thanks the odds for having carved her the way she is now. With her penance, she fights back people’s oppositions and ends up making friends as well. She recalls ink being spilled on her seat, flowers being tucked in her hair and funny comments being passed at her to pull her down. Today, after having proved herself, she calls her days at BVB as the golden ones!

It’s your knowledge that makes you who you are and circumstances are not to be blamed.

She too loves speaking in her Native language, Kannada wherever possible and thinks that one should not hesitate to converse in his/her native language.
Isn’t the gesture awesome?

As we are busy making our ways to ‘West’, here goes a lady who made us and our country proud there.
More power to you Ma’am!

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Incident shared by her in her latest book “Three Thousand Stitches”.

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