Sudha Murty the chairperson of Infosys Foundation is also a philanthropist and writer in Kannada and English.She has founded several orphanages, participated in rural development efforts, supported the movement to provide all Karnataka government schools with computer and library facilities.However, even after being one of the richest women in the country money has never got over her head and her simple lifestyle and social works are excellent examples of this.


For the riches, the best place to flaunt their money is clothing.But not for the Infosys Foundation chairperson.One of India’s richest women, Sudha Murty in an interview with PTI revealed that the last saree she bought was 21 years ago, before she went to Kashi.

When asked about the reason she gracefully reveals, “I was in Kashi to take the holy dip, and when you go to Kashi you have to give up something that you enjoy the most. I gave up shopping, particularly sarees, from thereon. I now only buy the essential items,” Murthy told PTI. I have to say I feel very happy and free,” she added.

However, she loves reading and doesn’t mind spending money on books.The Murty couple loves reading, and have a massive collection of over 20,000 books arranged in two libraries. Sudha is strictly against the idea of lending books to someone and tells, “I tell my husband, ‘how could writers survive if everybody started borrowing their books?’ We, the authors, want people to buy books. “That is the only way we can earn — from our royalty”. Sudha has established over 60,000 libraries in Karnataka alone through the Infosys Foundation.

In her latest book, Three Thousand stitches she talks about the problems that she faced during her engineering days.”I cried after writing that story. I don’t know how I could do that at that point in life. But the fact that I did not have a toilet for four years in the college motivated me to build 13,000 toilets in the state,” Sudha told to TIE.


About starting the Infosys, Sudha recalls how she initially funded the company with her savings of Rs 10,000. She gave her husband three years to fulfill his dream.  “At the time, I told him to bring bread on the table in those three years. And if he could buy a two-wheeler and a two-bed room house, that would be the ultimate for me,” she said to PTI. And the world knows what was the result. According to Forbes, Narayana Murthy’s net worth at present amounts to USD 1.92 billion.

Sudha has made 2,300 houses in flood affected areas for helping earthquake victims in Gujarat.She is helping out rural areas by building 10,000 public toilets and several hundred toilets in the city of Bangalore.Murty’s social work covers the healthcare, education, empowerment of women, public hygiene, art and culture, and poverty alleviation at the grassroots level.

What could be more inspiring than a woman having so much wealth, living life with such simplicity and contributing to the welfare of the society to such an extent? Truly an inspiration!

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