A rare form of Seizure Disorder – Epilepsy, where a person experiences abnormal behaviour, symptoms and sensations was cured in a person after 20 years of suffering. She reported hearing voices in her head when she was 12 years old, felt like people talking loudly around her and its frequency increased to 5 times a day. Now she is 32 and 20 years later the doctors successfully performed a surgery to remove a small section of the brain—responsible for the condition.


The family had a doubt whether it is a neurological disorder, a mental condition or a supernatural occurrence, however, it was found that in less than 2% patients of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) (type B epilepsy) the patients suffer auditory auras where they hear voices, at times followed by seizures.  Doctors said that she would have seizures once or twice a month, where she would feel tightness in her throat and locked her jaws, making it unable for her to speak.

“In such cases, an MRI scan gives an accurate idea of the malfunctioning area of the brain which is causing the episodes. But as the MRI was normal, we conducted a three-day long video EEG, a continues mapping of her brain where we could record and live seizure to identify the problem area and additional tests were done with the help of National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore,” added Dr Mani from Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital who is treating the patient.



Later to identify deeply, stereo EEG was done. Doctors said that it’s important to wait for at least a year to see if any of the seizures repeat to term the surgery successful.

Dr Paresh Doshi, director of neurosurgery at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, said that such cases show the importance of seeking right medical help which is often delayed. “Most important part of the treatment and diagnosis is to study every aspect of the case history to identify the nature of the condition because otherwise, auditory auras can be connected to a migraine, tumour, tinnitus or even a mental condition such as schizophrenia or psychosis. But since cases of epilepsy, the condition has to be treated for a minimum of two years with drugs before considering the option of surgery, patients often reach us late and their condition becomes severe,” said Dr Doshi.

It is very important to ‘not-delay’ such conditions and sometimes it might be very late by the time one identifies the actual issue which was all this time suppressed by regular medicines. Such conditions can be suppressed but might explode as a real big issue once found out. So, it’s very important to keep a check over these issues and not delay if even for once someone has suspected it.

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