Blind trust on black magic killed a man in Surat, Gujarat. Kanji Kumbhar, 50, died on Sunday after his family repeatedly jumped on his chest to drive evil spirits away. His wife along with their sons and a daughter-in-law thought he was possessed by an evil spirit and jumping on his chest was the only way out. They also fed Kanji with adulterated water and then asked him to lay down on the floor.

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The daughter-in-law convinced the entire family to carry on with this superstitious belief. The incident took place on Sunday evening. Once they discovered that Kanji had died, the remaining family members involved in his death fled from the place and Kanji’s wife returned back home on Wednesday and informed the police that she found her husband in this state. The police filed a case of accidental death.

According to sources, the post-mortem report disclosed that it was an unnatural death and a probe into the matter was initiated by the police. The cause of death was found to have been shock, hemorrhage, and severe injuries in the lungs and the spleen. Upon interrogation, one of the family members had a breakdown and described how Kanji died with others repeatedly jumping on his chest to drive away evil spirits.

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The victim was a diamond polisher and also believed in black magic and the rituals that came along. The police, on Wednesday, arrested the accused i.e. victim’s wife, two sons, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law.

It’s the 21st century and spirituality is preached as long as it does good to humanity. Superstitions and Black magic, in no way, inspire the human race to be of any good to the world. Instead, the outcome is reversed as in the above case where Kanji’s own beliefs in superstitious systems took away his life.

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