Union minister Sushma Swaraj is probably the only Indian minister who is loved by a majority of people in India including those with different political views. She has also earned a fan base in Pakistan with her Twitter-based rescue initiatives for them. In the past, she has effectively used Twitter for initiatives like rescuing people stuck in foreign countries and granting stuck medical visas to applicants.

In yet another heartwarming gesture, the external affairs minister today tweeted that on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, today India will grant medical visas to all the  foreign nationals who have deserving cases.

Of late, Swaraj has received a lot of tweets from Pakistan requesting medical visas for emergency cases. Even after the strained relationship that the two nations share, she has not hesitated in helping them. If the applicants have a letter from the foreign affairs chief of their country, Swaraj readily grants them the visas for visiting India for medical purpose.

Source: Reuters

In the past, she has also blasted the Pakistan foreign affairs chief, Sartaj Aziz when the visas of some Pakistanis were not granted.

Yesterday also she granted the medical visas of many Pakistan Nationals

Truly a minister who is making humanity proud with her gestures!



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