On 22nd October, A Swiss couple was chased and brutally attacked with sticks and stones by a group of 4-5 youths in Fatehpur Sikri which has left them with some major injuries. According to TOI, the couple, Quentin Jeremy Clerc and Marie Droz were walking together near Fatehpur Sikri railway station where 5 local boys thrashed them.

  • What Happened?

TOI quoted Quetin as saying, “They initially passed comments, which we didn’t understand, and then forced us to stop so they could take selfies with Marie“. Soon this harassment led to an argument and then led to the thrashing of the couple.The group thrashed Quentin mercilessly which resulted in a fractured skull, broken arm and a clot in his brain. According to the doctors, he might suffer from hearing impairment.

Source : ANI

Quentin further told to TOI, “The boys wouldn’t stop walking along despite our protests. All the while they kept taking pictures and trying to get close to Marie. From whatever little we could understand, they were asking our names and the place where we had put up in Agra. They were harassing us. They asked us to accompany them to some place, which we refused. A little after stones and sticks began to rain on me. When Marie intervened, she, too, wasn’t spared.”

According to NDTV, the youths also blocked their way and forcibly took selfies with Marie. Marie told that she thought that the attackers probably wouldn’t hurt a woman but soon she was proved wrong. 

  • Our Society’s apathetic response and obsession with moral policing

As expected from our apathetic society, no one came forward to help the helpless couple who was lying injured on the ground. Adding to the apathetic attitude and in a move similar to recent Vizag rape case bystanders kept watching it like a show and recorded videos with their cellphones.

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Also one of the local cops has hinted at the couple kissing in public which Marie disproved. Even if they were kissing who gave those goons the right to thrash them? This reflects our mentality and obsession with moral policing, we can’t come forward to save a girl getting raped in front of our eyes, but will surely thrash a consenting couple kissing or hugging anywhere. Foreigners are in our country this nowhere implies that they are obliged to even talk to us, leave aside taking selfies. We fail to understand why people take them as a soft target, often at various tourist places people are seen capturing pics of the foreign nationals without their permission.

  • Now What?

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and Tourism Minister KJ Alphons have written to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about the brutal assault. According to ANI, the police have registered an FIR and arrested one of the four attackers on Wednesday.


Source : Times Of India

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