India has never failed to show its reluctance in dealing with serious problems. While the country was burning with rage, it wasn’t still enough to shake the core.

In order to prevent child sexual abuse, the Tamil Nadu government came up with an “incredible” idea. But, unfortunately, it’s peddling sexist and victim-blaming views instead of preventing and protesting against this atrocious crime.

A chapter called ‘Reaching the Age of Adolescence’ in Science textbook of class 8 has got introduced. The context of which reads something like this; ‘Don’t wear provocative dresses‘, ‘Take care of the way you sit‘ and much more.


G Arivoli, the director of the State Council for Educational Research and Training, got offended when The News Minute contacted him to confront about this matter. He questioned, “This textbook has been in existence for 12 years. Why are you bringing it to our notice now? Nobody has complained till now.” When he was asked that how the context is acceptable, “We are currently only revising books for Class one, six, eleven and twelve. This is already time-consuming and we are yet to see what existing books contain. I will see what can be done,” he said as an answer.



Sherin Bosko, the founder of Nakshatra, outburst over the matter. “This is merely a reflection of the existing mindset in society. It has just been printed out. This is just another case of victim-blaming,” she said.


In 2014, a woman officer from the Child Welfare Committee came to meet a minor sexual assault victim. The minute she saw the small girl, she told her to sit properly. The child was in a hospital bed. She then proceeded to lecture the mother about how such incidents happen because girls are not taught how to behave in public” Sherin added.

It’s really shocking that how sometimes victims get blamed for what has happened to them. Clarification comes in a form of judging their dressing sense, judging religion and casts also interacting with a person of the opposite sex. It’s really difficult to change those people’s mind, or in general this weird concept they believe in.

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