In one of the bold interviews of hers, actress Tanushree Dutta not only accused the veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually abusing her but also pointed fingers towards the choreographer, director, and producer of the film for being naive towards her complaints.

Though a journalist named Janice Sequeira came forward in her support, her opening up is being marked as a publicity stunt by many. However, the actress isn’t in anyway shying away and has unveiled another director, Vivek Agnihotri in her latest interview with DNA.

The interesting aspect of her interview is that herein she has talked of the good men of the industry. She recalls her experiences during shooting for ‘Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets’ back in 2005. Her then Co-stars were Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty.

In one sequel, Irrfan had to give facial expressions for a close-up. Though Tanushree had nothing to do with the scene, director Vivek Agnihotri allegedly told her to open her clothes and dance in the name of giving Irrfan cues.

Ridiculous? Well, Suniel and Irrfan too felt the same and sprang to support the actress. Listen from Tanushree how the two gentlemen tackled the eerie situation.

“…The male actor had to shoot back at the director saying, ‘I don’t need her to take off her coat and dance for me to give facial expressions. This was Irrfan Khan. I really appreciated that he actually spoke up like that because it was his close-up shot. I’m not in the frame. He had to look at me and give some expressions. Why do I have to dance in front of him for him to give expressions on his close-up shot. This director tells me ‘jao jaake kapde utaar ke naacho’. I was shocked!”

“…The actor was horrified. And, because he had done some work, he could say something. He just told the director, ‘What are you talking about? I can give my closeup. Mujhe acting aati hai’. Suneil Shetty also spoke up. He was also there, he heard it and he got offended by it. He was like, ‘main aaun kya wahaan cues dene ke liye?’ Yeah ofcourse, there are good people in the industry. Both, Irrfan Khan and Suniel Shetty spoke up. Suneil scolded that guy.”

Undoubtedly, we know that both Suniel and Irrfan are men of values and after this, our respect for them has gotten multiplied by several times.

Without proper evidence, we’re not going to tag someone as ‘creep’ or ‘pervert’, anyway. But one thing all of would certainly agree to is, lady actors are not to treat eyes of the audience with their bare skin or exposed curves. They can act, dance, perform stunts and do all that their male counterparts can. And again, facial expressions don’t need female nudity before eyes and Hindi film industry must admit it.

Nana has finally broken his silence and in his conversation with the Mirror he has simply laughed off the issue saying, “What does she mean by sexual harassment? We were on the set and there were 200 people sitting in front of us.” Well, Mr. Patekar harassment doesn’t always need privacy and we hope you know that.

He thinks media published simply anything baselessly and talking to them is a not so wise gesture. Saying “Let anyone say anything. I will continue to do in my life what I have been doing.” Nana called it off. Believing the sources, his lawyer is soon to send the complainant, Tanushree a legal notice.

It’s overwhelming to see how celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Hansal Mehta, Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar, Farhan Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and many more have extended their heartfelt support to Tanushree and believe her to be credible enough.

While some biggies like Salman Khan are rather finding refraining from commenting on the issue an easier option.

Dear readers, we know Nana Patekar has won your hearts with not just his acting but humanitarian deeds and believe us, we equally respect him. But that can never justify his misdeeds. Good humans too can molest and instead of blatantly calling Tanushree’s allegations as fake, let’s rather demand for investigations. Tanushree is the voice of many such talents who could never get to bloom in bollywood just because they gave up to things like this that we’ve stopped enlisting as crimes. Let’s not be biased. Neither to Nana nor to Tanushree.

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