Earlier this year, when the Mumbai-Goa Tejas express had returned from its maiden journey, a lot of headphones were stolen and many LCDs were damaged by the passengers. As a precautionary measure finally the authorities had decided to provide cheap headphones costing around Rs 35 each.The incident had raised a lot of questions regarding how we treat and damage public properties.

Something similar to this happened when Mahamana Express returned to Vadodara on Sunday.Railway officials detected that a lot of items had been stolen from the train. Varanasi-Vadodara Mahamana Express is a high-profile train that was flagged off by PM Modi through a video link on Friday.

When the train returned to Vadodara from Varanasi after its maiden journey on Sunday, officials from the Vadodara yard of Western Railway were shocked to find that three lavatory taps from the general coach, 4 shower jets from toilets and two carpets that were placed between coaches were missing.


Even the toilets were in bad conditions where some mirrors were in the near-broken state along with scratches on some of the toilet seats. Rail officials, who are clueless about the theft believe that it must be the work of some passengers, who have barely any regard to public property.

Mumbai Mirror report quoted Ravinder Bhakar, chief public relations officer of Western Railway as saying, “We are trying our best to provide modern facilities to every passenger. It is very disappointing if some miscreants steal taps and showers from the lavatory. They didn’t even spare the carpets. The coaches were defaced too.


“The condition of the general coaches was especially bad. This makes us wonder whether the passengers are fit to use such advanced facilities,” another railway official said.

The Mahamana Express was introduced by the Railway ministry to change the face of Indian Railway. The train has many advanced features like aesthetically appealing toilet fitted with enhanced passenger amenities like a big mirror, platform washbasin, controlled discharged water tap, odor control system, exhaust fan, LED lights and dustbin, GPS-based passenger information system and much more.The train has been named after Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya “Mahamana”, a freedom fighter and educationist, who established the Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi.


The whole incident is really shameful and shows how much we Indians care about public properties and our behavior in public. Why do we fail to understand that we are not causing loss to the government, it is taxpayer’s money that will be used to recover the damage that we are causing? Hope we have also got the answer to our questions about why the mugs in an Indian train’s toilets are chained.


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