Down the memory lane, the 65-year-old can still remember how he was pulled out of the school. The class 1 student was so excited to share the news with his father that he stood first in his class. But, destiny had something else for him in its pocket. His father told him that he was unable to buy books for class 2, so he would have to drop his education.


But from there only the journey of Mr Gazi Jalaluddin started. A Kolkata based taxi driver who was a very studious kid couldn’t complete his education due to poverty. His father’s health condition deteriorated. Then his family shifted to Kolkata, to make a living. But, unfortunately, no one was ready to offer a job to an ailing man. To take care of his family Mr Gazi ended up begging on the streets.

Mr Gazi was a 12-year-old boy when he started working as a rickshaw-puller in the Entally market area of Kolkata. It was 1977 when he became a taxi driver. Soon he noticed the fact that there were many young people like him who were fighting each and every day to earn the living. He formed ‘Sundarban Driving Samiti’ to give young people driving lesson.

I taught 10 boys in my first class for free and asked them to donate just Rs. 5 every month once they start earning. I also asked each one of them to teach two more needy boys from the village. The chain still continues and today, there are 300 boys from the Sundarbans driving taxis and earning their living in Kolkata,” he said to The Better India.


Apart from those young guys, being a studious student himself he also couldn’t stop thinking about those economically deprived children who don’t get the chance to go to a school. In 1998 he built a two-room house in Thakurchak village and started a school with 22 kids and 2 teachers.

Education, books, food everything was provided by Mr Gazi. But soon he realized that most of the students are orphans. “In 2006, a man came forward and donated me six kattha of land in East Thakurchak area which I used to build another school named Sundarban Sikshayatan Mission which we inaugurated in 2009,” said Mr Gazi to The Logical Indian.

It was the year 2016 when his dreams came true as his efforts started getting recognized throughout the State. He started receiving donation and at last, was able to build Sundarban Orphanage Mission.


After driving his second-hand taxi, with which he started off his journey, for long 25 years he replaced it with a new one.

His new taxi with the number WB04E4753 can be recognized even from a distance. The message written on it reads; “The earning from this taxi is used for the students of Sunderban Orphanage School. I urge traffic police not to register any case against this taxi. Regards, taxi driver Gazi Jalaluddin.”


“Now my two sons are also driving taxis, and they help me to support the cause of the deprived children in Sunderbans. I personally ask donors to become lifetime members of the Sunderban Orphanage and Social Welfare Trust and participate with me in my journey,” said Mr Gazi to The Logical Indian. “Even if the government doesn’t help me I will lead my own fight for the education of these children, the soul cause I support because I never got an opportunity like this,” he added.

It’s really a great initiative by Mr Gazi Jalaluddin and only few have this kind of heart to actually do something for the betterment of the society. Anyone willing to help Mr Gazi to make this world a better place for someone, can contact him on +91-9735562504 or email at

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