There was an age where education was incomplete without the stick of teachers but in the era of immoral and illogical education practices, corporal punishments or mental torture is been prohibited under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. Against the law, a student of 7th was being physically harassed and landed up in hospital in Bengal.

Aquib Mullick, a student of madrasa (an Arabic word for an educational institute) in Hooghly district of Bengal ended up on a hospital bed after his teacher, Mithu Khan asked him to do 32O sit-ups for not coming to school for a week on Thursday. He had been operated for a hernia and answered the same to the teacher but yet he had to do sit-ups and had to undergo another surgery for the same reason.
“I told the teacher that a surgery was performed on me for treating hernia and I won’t be able to do so many sit-ups. But he did not listen to me and forced me to do it,” the boy said, lying on the hospital bed as being reported by the Hindustan Times.

However, the teacher denied of knowing the fact that he had an operation and said to the media, “I did not force him to do so many sit-ups. I am sorry if he was hurt.” The head of the institution Hossain Ali Mullick said that he’ll scrutinize the matter himself and if found guilty, Mithu Khan will face fatal consequences for the same.

Aquib’s father stays in Mumbai and his mother, sakina begum seems very angry at the matter. She said, “My son fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. The doctor told us that the stitches have all ruptured. He also chided us for putting the child through such arduous physical labor. I told the doctor that it was the teacher who subjected him to the ordeal.”

Rightly said by a wise man that power of wand is key to the brain of a lazy but physical abuse can never make a child learn and succeed in life. Teachers are another parents for students who not just educate them but also guide them in their life and thus they also have the rights to bring them back to their paths if they mislead themselves. They need to be a moral supporter and a friend to their students, the one who nourishes students with love, care, and knowledge.

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