A few days back a video had gone viral on social media which showed a mother slapping her daughter while teaching Maths to her.The video had created a storm on social media with some validating the video by describing it as a part of parenting while the other half of people severely criticised the mother for putting the child under such immense pressure.

Today another video has surfaced where a teacher can be seen slapping a student around 40 times in two minutes allegedly because he was busy in drawing and missed the roll call.

The incident took place at St. John Vianney High School in Lucknow where the 8-year-old was a student of class 3rd.

When the kid reached home his face was swollen and he looked unusually dull, the police told PTI. Sensing something wrong his parents got in touch with his friends who informed them that their son was hit mercilessly 40 times by the class teacher, which was later confirmed by the teacher.She grabbed him by his tie and dragged him to another end of the classroom. The woman even pushed the kid against the bench. 

Watch the heart-wrenching video here

The teacher apologized after the incident but has been booked by the police after a complaint was registered by the child’s father.

Some people may argue that we also used to get beaten by our parents and still today we are perfectly sound both physically and mentally, but is it written somewhere that what’s been in practice since long is correct and can’t be questioned?

The incident makes us wonder where are we heading, are we making some kind of emotionless robots in the name of educating? Such type of treatment may cause permanent scare to the kid and s/he can take extreme steps also.

Corporal punishment is banned in around 42 countries including countries like Germany, Brazil, Spain and New Zealand. It’s high time we follow the same and protect our kids with laws banning corporal punishment.

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